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Residential Mortgage

Home Residential Mortgage


Purchasing a home is a big step. Whether you’re a first-time or repeat buyer, the process requires a lot of time and effort. It also requires trust. You want to work with a team who will tailor the loan program and process to your needs.
We’ll help you navigate the journey from pre-qualification to closing with confidence. A home can not only provide security and a sense of accomplishment but it can also set you up for financial success.

Reasons To Purchase A Home Of Your Own

  • It’s a great investment
  • It’s all yours
  • Pay less tax
  • Build equity


One of the most important steps before deciding whether or not refinancing can benefit you is to determine what your objective is. Do you want to reduce your monthly payment or pull cash out of your home equity for home improvements or debt consolidation? Are you looking to go from an adjustable to a fixed rate? Once you determine your goal, we can review the loan options available to decide which one best helps you achieve that goal.

Reasons You May Want To Refinance

  • Reduce your term
  • Lower your mortgage rate and payment
  • Take cash out to consolidate your debt
  • Take cash out for home improvements
  • Convert your adjustable rate into a fixed rate


When you renew your mortgage, you can customize the length of your next term and adapt it to your needs. You can request a renewal up to 6 months before the end of your current term to benefit from market rates. You can renew your loan up to 6 months before the end of your term. Decide on the conditions of your next term now and benefit from a guaranteed interest rate as of your next payment, without penalty. When your term ends, reassess your financial situation with help from one of our experts. You could qualify for a better rate.

A Renewal Statement Must Contain The Following Information:

  • The balance or remaining principal at the renewal date
  • The interest rate
  • The payment frequency
  • The term Any charges or fees that apply

Second Mortgage

Are you mulling ways to save time and money with second mortgage loan support? Finding an experienced partner who provides second mortgage loan support is the first step. Outsourcing can steeply reduce the time spent on documentation, verification, and approval. We offer robust second mortgage loan support that takes care of functions in the mortgage process. LVB Mortgage Financing is expert in offering mortgage lenders second mortgage loan servicing. We are experts in arranging and processing back-office requirements needed by lenders to extend subordinate mortgages to borrowers when their original mortgage is active.

Second Mortgage Loan Support Services We Offer

  • Pre-qualification
  • Loan Processing Processes
  • Title Checking
  • Appraisal of Property
  • Underwriting the Loans
  • Loan Closing

First Time Buyers

Being a first-time home buyer can be exciting and daunting in equal measure – especially if you have to learn about mortgages too. But it doesn’t need to be painful if you plan well. LVB Mortgage Financing specialists can assist you through the first-time buyers’ loan process. We will get you pre-qualified for free before you even find your new home and we can match you with a trusted real estate agent through our partner networks. Our variety of loan options allows you to buy your first home with very little down and we will work to ensure the loan payments meet your unique needs.

Which Type Of First-Time Buyer Mortgage Is Best For Me?

  • Fixed-rate mortgages
  • Standard variable rate mortgages (SVRs)
  • Tracker mortgages
  • Discount rate mortgages
  • Capped mortgages
  • Offset mortgages

Self Employed Mortgage

If you work for yourself and are looking to either buy a new home or remortgage a current property, we are here to help. The great news is that there are more and more lenders with a wide range of mortgage products to help the self-employed to get a mortgage. The team at LVB Mortgage Financing will work with you and your financial situation because as far as Lenders are concerned, self-employment is seen as a risk for lending. In fact, the self-employed mortgages for which you’ll be eligible are actually just conventional mortgages but you’ll be expected to jump through more hoops to demonstrate your financial eligibility.

What Documents Do You Need To Provide?

  • Current clients
  • A licensed certified personal accountant (CPA)
  • A professional organization that can attest to your membership
  • Any state or business license that you hold
  • Evidence of insurance for your business
  • A Doing Business As (DBA)

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