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Commercial MortgageLooking to purchase equipment? Make tenant improvements? Grow your company? We specialize in delivering tailored lending and financing solutions with the personal attention and accessibility your business deserves. We work with businesses of all sizes, over a wide range of industries, and we come to you with our concierge-style service.

A commercial mortgage in theory operates in the same way as a residential mortgage; ie the Mortgage Lender will want to assess you to ensure you have the means to repay the loan but the mortgage is taken out in the name of the business or in the name of the investor and figures borrowed may be based on the income of the individual or the business.

We have built good relationships with specialist mortgage lenders who do not have a presence on the traditional high street and can therefore secure funding when other traditional routes may not be accessible or feasible for you.

Commercial Re-mortgaging

If you already own a commercial property, you may be considering re-mortgaging the property to release equity that can be re-invested back into the business or to get a better mortgage rate.

Re-mortgaging can be a very cost-effective way of financing a refurbishment/expansion of the business because mortgage rates will typically be cheaper than other commercial finance options.

As per your personal property, you may wish to re-mortgage your commercial property to obtain a better mortgage rate/deal than your current existing mortgage. This is potentially valuable if you have had your current mortgage for some time. A re-mortgage will involve providing new figures, projections, and a valuation which could result in you being offered the chance to secure a better deal and interest rate if your position has improved.

It may be possible to consolidate other debts into your commercial mortgage, so re-mortgaging may give you a more manageable monthly payment (by spreading the repayment over a longer period.) However, you should be aware that you could pay more interest in the long term.

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